Friday, May 4, 2012

Surprise Wonders

Since this blog is about lessons learned, I thought I would post the video that was taken tonight of me riding my Haflinger, Jake. I knew that my riding was not very good...and that was OK. I am a "green" rider on a fairly green horse.

The trainer had recommended that I have someone video my riding so I can see what needs work. So I did....and I certainly see many things I can work on. My hands are too high; my stirrups might need to be lowered so my heels are more in line with my hips and ear, I need to "keep my seat" better, etc.

But the wonderful thing about this exercise was what I noticed instead. Instead of paying attention to my riding on the playback, I noticed the VERY green grass. The grass that my son mowed on our riding mower for the first time today. I'm very proud of him!

I also noticed the birds....they must chirp all day. I hope I have not become immune to their song already. Tomorrow I will pay more attention.

I also noticed the sun and shade and shadows. What a glorious evening. Even with the bugs darting and flies landing, it seemed more like a garden than an overgrown field of long grass and weeds.

And finally I noticed my pretty and patient. Even though he did stop completely short on me when I didn't ask (I think he wanted grass - still figuring that out), I was proud of him. A horse who would not stop well, back well, or stand still has now come a long way and always seems willing to take me around in circles (or figure 8s, or diagonals, or whatever).

Lesson learned tonight: While looking at one thing, you might notice five more things...or more...which are even better than what you were originally after. I started out focused on myself and my own riding but ultimately saw the beauty around me. Next time, I'll be sure to notice it all while I'm on the horse - not just by video later.

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