Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Face Your Fears

Today I faced two fears: One inside the house and one outside the house.

The first one was a computer virus. I know, it's not a state of emergency, but when you work online full time, your computer is your gateway for the day. I somehow picked up a Trojan virus and my computer went "berserk" for hours. After being told yesterday that I would probably need to overnight my computer to Chicago, I was relieved to resolve the issue remotely. Almost an entire day's work was wiped out, but the issue was solved by the end of the day. Take that, virus! I overcame you!

Fear? Computer? Really?!? Yes, I was fearful. In fact, one year for Halloween, I was the "blue screen of death" because it was the scariest thing I could think of for a virtual employee.  But today, the problem was conquered, the fear cast aside, the virus removed. Victory was mine!

So...on to the second lesson on the farm today. During a riding lesson, my horse did a "bunny hop bucky thing" as I tried to cue him into a canter. My instructor stated that she thought my reins were too tight. Why were my reins tight? Fear.

I have only been riding for about a year and the feeling of being carried on the back of a 1000 pound beautiful beast at a canter is not exactly like a carousel.  Especially when the horse is 16.1 hands (FYI, that's on the taller side for an Appaloosa). It actually feels much faster than it really is because the stride is long and the muscular force quite powerful.  This power caused me to pull back on the reins, which just irritated the horse because I didn't allow him to "have his head" and canter freely. My tight grip kept the natural movement from happening.

How many times have we held the reins too tightly in life? Whether it be in our jobs (micromanaging), our spouses (hen pecking), our children (controlling) or whatever the case....we get poor results when our hold is too tight.

The solution is in the riding lesson:
1) Reach forward/out - stop working inward
2) Loosen your hold and relax - it's OK....really
4) Allow the beast (or child, or spouse or employee) to do what he/she was designed to do
5) Trust. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

What happens when we do the above things? We grow. We gain confidence. We learn. We move forward.

Face your fears. It's worth it.

Happy trails...