Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Gathering Was Had! Update Post.

So blessed that our new home and property were used for the fellowship of family
on the best day of the year! Photos say it best, reflecting the things that define family.

Thanks to my brother Tim for some of the great photos.

Cousins played chess...older ones made moves while
younger ones observed and plotted future strategies.

The horses were more than happy to take the attention....and grass.

Easter dresses and cowboy boots. Of course they go together!

Even the dog was happy!

The front looked like a parking lot, which was a great feeling.
That meant lots of people showed up.

Coffee and smiles always part of the day.

Easter egg hunt! A tradition lives on, only this time it was on five acres.

Eggs were found in fun places!

Laughter was a given.

The infamous "Blue Lips" picture. It just gets better every year.

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