Monday, January 16, 2012

"You Don't See That Every Day"

Awhile back, my daughter asked me "What's special about today?"  It made me stop and think "Hmmmmmmm, there must be something special about today" and I did finally come up with something that was special about that day. Since then, she has continued to ask me this question almost daily. It has become our "thing" in the morning and causes us both to stop and consider what is on the agenda. More importantly, it has made us reflect on God's wonderful blessings and surprises which He springs on us. Sometimes with warning; sometimes not. But nonetheless, it's always something I surely do not want to miss because I wasn't paying attention or didn't pause and reflect.

Since we've moved to our property, I have added a phrase to my reflection time: "You don't see THAT every day."  It's more humorous than my daughter's question and it's usually paired with a chuckle, an expression of disbelief, or our eyes popping out of our heads.  I enjoy the moment because it makes us stop once again and reflect on being witness to something new, unusual, unexpected, or even quite odd. More blessings not to be missed.

Today, it was a man. We all see men daily (most of us anyway). Not so unusual, you say. This man was walking.  Again, not so unusual, right? This man was walking.... in the field. OK, I'm sure many men walk in fields. This man was walking in the field... next to our home. NOW we are getting a little off the beaten path, since our home has always been in a neighborhood. This man was walking in a field with a gun slung on his back. THERE WE GO! "You don't see that every day."

Now, some of you who are reading this might see that every day. Not us. The idea of "modern day man" walking by with a gun is usually coupled with thoughts of crime or fear - IF you were raised in the suburbs and your family does not hunt.

Initial thoughts: YIKES! "Why is there a man walking by my house with a gun?" Secondary thoughts: "Get the kids in!" Tertiary thoughts "Silly me, he's going hunting. Take a chill pill, Kerrie!"

Remember, my view is now from the lower rungs, where things look quite different. As I learn to feel more comfortable with the horses and slowly climb, I'm sure I will also feel more comfortable with the thought of people walking by on their way to kill their dinner (OK, so maybe he was just hunting for the sport and I really don't live in the "wild" where our next meal is dependent on my husband's best shot). But, you know, I could say...."You don't see that every day."

What was special about your day? What will you see tomorrow that you don't see every day?


  1. The answer for me is one and the same. Today I saw my parents. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I'll see my parents. A rare and beautiful treasure indeed. Love the man in the field...with a gun. Glad you didn't freak out. You're earning your country girl stripes!

  2. What a lovely treasure, Laura! So glad you are enjoying time with them.

  3. My day was special because I got to be with my kids. :-) I'm trying to remind myself of that every day. I don't want to take that for granted! They'll be gone longer than they'll be here. sigh.